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Based on 93 reviews
Mind blown

Good stuff here!

Brain blitz

If your not using this preworkout I don’t know what you are doing numbers flying out the body growing like crazy phase1 is the truth


Coming off another stack pack I am not experiencing the same energy. Still going to continue to see if it’s something else.

It's OK

I hade better just didn't like it at all saw the reviews must be good got it and yeah just didn't do the job for me

Get Fit Stack!

Clear Whey Protein Isolate in Paradise Passion is my game changer for water and protein intake! Great mango-like flavor. And loving the Lean Phase Burn in Strawberry Candy!

Brain blitz

Simply put Its everything your looking for in a preworkout phase 1 is the truth if you don’t believe me simply try it you won’t be disappointed 👌🏻💪🏻💪🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻💦

Not for Me

While this has a light and fruity taste, and blends well with water, I burped all day long after consumption. I tried it a handful of times with same results. While it’s a great product, it’s just not right for me.

Sweating energyyy

This made me sweat a lot and I had enough energy to keep me active. Not a fan of the passionfruit but the strawberry candy reminds me of starburst and tastes great. I think this might be my new favorite thermogenic. Will decide after full month of using it but so far so good

The taste on this mmmmmmmmmmmm

ok this is it...i was looking for a good tasting reds product and greens product...I've tried almost everything out there right now from supplement stores, amazon, random ads i get hit girl said someone recommended this to her so i figured i'd give it a shot...the taste on this is miles ahead of any of the products ive tried so far AND this is both reds and greens win all around...

Love this Stack!

This was my first time ordering Phase 1 products and I love them all!
Reds & Greens: I usually never finish greens because they taste horrible no matter how I try to mask them. I mix these with water and they taste good!
Lean Burn: I’ve been taking it consistently and I feel like I have more energy.
ISO: I got the Gym N Lime and love it! I love having a protein that I can mix with water and it not taste chalky.
Will definitely order this stack again as I am running low!
Also, items were shipped super fast!

Get Fit Snack Review

Great customer service & products of just what I was looking for. So easy to order & shipped to my door. Thanks Guys!

I’m not a fan. I like the original greens much better they seem to work for me better. None of it was horrible just not for me.

Amazing pre but one difference between old version and updated

This new version of PREPHASE is just as awesome as the previous the only difference that I noticed between the two is the size of the serving the older one being 12.9 grams and the newer one being 12.7 grams besides that everything else seems pretty much the same, ps this pre is the best on the market and will give you laser focus with every use.


Clumpy Protein

I really like the flavor of the red and greens. I'm not happy with the protein. It doesn't mix well. It is very hard to drink.


Taste great

Love it

Love all these products,

ISO Clear whey protein

Easy to prepare. Tastes great and very refreshing. I will be buying more!

Get fit stack

I love this combo! Everything has a great flavor and mixes great no clumpy residue!

It's okay.

I don't really feel thermogenic effect. It's okay for a mid day pick me up though.

So far so good!

New to this type of supplement usage. Less stevia would be my first request. Also I don’t need the flavorings, unless it covers up bitter taste. Finally, could do without the niacin burn. On the positive side, love the clear ISO. Last thing I want to do after workout is drink almond milk or such so glad there is a light water based drink. I seem to be getting results and that’s the only reason to use them!



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