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Triceps Exercises For Maximum Gains
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Triceps Exercises For Maximum Gains

The key to getting bigger arms is to work on both Bi's and Tri's during your workout, but when most think about expanding their arms, the biceps are the first thing that comes to mind. It's great to have a visible upper-arm peak, but the bulk of the magic happens when you work your triceps.

The triceps are by far the largest muscle group in the arms. They take up around two-thirds of the arm's length and form a typical horseshoe shape in the back. The long, lateral, and medial heads form the triceps muscle group. To emphasize them, you need to use angles, loudness, and intensity. That's why wrist, elbow, and arm positioning all impact on where the triceps muscle group is stressed.

What is the Most Effective Triceps Exercise?

Heavy-lifting and high-volume triceps workouts should be combined to begin your triceps workout. Triceps require a lot of stress – four sets of eight reps won't suffice. As a result, an exerciser should strive for at least 100 total reps in 30 minutes.

Check out these top 8 Tricep Exercises:

#1 Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extensions

To get the best results from this technique that targets the long head, Dumbbell Extension Professionals recommend exercising one arm at a time. Hold a dumbbell in each hand (or both) with your upper arms perpendicular to the ceiling and your elbows fully bent. Straighten your arm(s) while maintaining a comparable position with your upper arms. Re-bend to get back to the beginning.

#2 Standing Tricep Kickbacks

This is one of the most effective workouts for the triceps' medial and lateral heads. Bend your knees gently and hold the dumbbells at your sides as if you're starting from a standing position at the bottom of a deadlift. Begin with your upper arms parallel to your torso and your arms bent. Break the plane of your back by straightening and elevating your arms.

#3 Cable Rope Tricep Pushdowns

This technique stretches and strengthens the triceps long-head when done correctly. Raise the cable to the top using the double-handled rope. Grab the rope and face away from the machine, bend at the waist, then proceed to bend your arms and hands behind your head. Straighten your arms up beside your ears to maintain your torso angle. Bend the arms with control to return to the starting position.

#4 Skull Crushers

This exercise targets the triceps' lengthy head, which is often overlooked. For the best results, your palms should be facing you, not away as is commonly done."

Begin by lying down on your back on a bench. Close your eyes and grab a barbell right above your brow. Your upper arms should be perpendicular to the ceiling, with your elbows bent. Return to the starting position by straightening your arms until the weight is above your chin, then bowing to return to the starting position.

#5 Close Grip Bench Press

With your elbows parallel to your sides, lie on your back on a bench with a barbell or dumbbells. Return to the starting posture by straightening your arms and lifting your weight above your pecs.

#6 Dips

With both hands, grab the bars, keeping your arms long and parallel to your chest and your shoulders down your back. (If you're using low bars, pike your waist and straighten your legs in front of you, resting your heels.) Bend your elbows behind you and press them back to return to a straight position.

#7 Push-ups

In this typical upper-body action, the triceps greatly assist the chest. Particularly if you keep your hands tight to your chest and your elbows straight back rather than extending to the sides. To put extra focus on your tris, try pressing your chest forward.

#8 Dive-Bombers

This one falls within the category of "advanced beginning." In this modified Pushup, the triceps have to work extra hard to keep the body stable. Pike your hips up from a high plank position, then bend your elbows back and pitch your head down and forward like you're diving under a low barrier. Keep your arms straight to return to the top.

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